When the Inevitable Befalls!

Upsets in the work place are inevitable. That doesn’t mean the plot is lost. The key is to bring the system back to the table fast. One ‘trick’ the enterprisers usually play is to delight and advance. Here’s how it works.

Once a Harvard professor and his associate went to interview Elon Musk (Yes! The business magnate).Since their intention was academic, Musk consented. Mid way through the meeting, Musk got up and asked them to clear out. This took the guests unawares. Some of their actions led Musk think that their purpose was business. The plot was almost lost. But the professor had a spark. He giggled and told Musk, “You think we’re trying to pitch you, right? We don’t want your money.” The offhand trick worked. Musk started laughing and the interview ended happily.

The Key to Opening Doors

The ability to “delight” can open the doors in many lost “battles”. The element of surprise in the delight is the key trouble shooter. Art of delight can be mastered through practice. Here’re some pointers:-

  • Surprise with spontaneity in a memorable and engaging way.
  • Avoid over preparation. It kills natural conversation.
  • Work with your reflexes and the context.
  • Develop own style of delighting. Seek out people, products and situations that you consider delightful.
  • Use authentic humour. The aim is to create in-the-moment response.
  • Understand the audience
  • Learners’ Opportunity     

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  • Discussion Question        

Recall two instances wherein you were able to command the situation by delighting the other side.

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  • Source Article

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