When Aggressive Confronts, the Silent Scoops

Negotiation often runs to an open outcry with shouting and gesturing ensuing. This can’t be faulted too, as the level feeling here is to win. But did you know that “reverse engineering” works towards a better outcome; a win-win for both the sides? Ask how?

The Golden Rule

The golden rule here is silence.  Experts say that muting yourself for a few seconds amid a frenzied negotiation is effective for value creation. You can get your way, not by pushing but through persuasion.

The S-I-L-E-N-T Effect

Sitting silently for at least three seconds during a difficult moment in a negotiation, confrontation or conversation helps one to:

  • Signal: The deliberative mindset.
  • Interrupt: The fixed-pie thinking.
  • Look:  At others’ view point.
  • Explore: A way that works for both.
  • Negate: Intimidation
  • Tolerate:  Other’s thought.


Negotiation isn’t a game to be won or lost. It is about convincing someone that a concept makes sense and is beneficial. The success is achieved when both sides willingly agree on a decision.

Learners’ Opportunity

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Discussion Questions

Recall any one situation wherein you had to negotiate a deal. Were you happy of the outcome? Why?

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Source Article

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