Tone Your Mind, the Business Will Follow

Prevention is the Best Cure

Quick recovery from difficulties leads a venture to success. But how it would be, if the crisis doesn’t happen at all?

The Morning Routine

Rajan Singh, an IPS turned management consultant and entrepreneur, prescribes a morning routine formula of regular workout and meditation to be successful. The routine mix builds great habits and positive frames of mind which enable one:

  • To be resilient.
  • To keep his cool in ups and downs.
  • To realize that money is not the ultimate happiness.
  • To scale up for your sake and not to compete with others.
  • To spend thoughtfully.
  • To scale, but not at the cost of peace of mind.


Every professional aspires to be successful. If this is achieved by fine tuning your mind, that means two birds with one stone- a successful venture and a cool mind.

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Discussion Question        

Do you think disciplining the mind is key to business success? Why?

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