To Scale is Hard, To Stay Put is Harder

Guess what the world’s rich persons would habitually be dreaming about? It’s how to get into the global rank list of the rich. When showing off is the smart’s idea of glory, striving is the sharp’s scheme to sustain. Even as getting there seemed to be a hard, Jeff Bezos consistently remained No.1.  Thanks to his yearning for bias for action.   

What is Bias for Action?

  • The mindset that prioritize action over thoughts.
  • When an opportunity strikes, the normal course is to evaluate its pros and cons before act.
  • Bias for action prompts immediate action without waiting.
  • People who are biased for action prefer to fail trying rather than succeed by waiting.

Case in Point

On board a flight, once Jeff Bezos was discussing strategies for digital book publishing. He understood that a startup in Paris had the necessary know how. He immediately flew in to Paris and acquired the startup.  


Bias for action is incorporated into Amazon’s core values. They believe that his cognitive bias help them for their personal and professional growth.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Decision delayed is decision denied? Do you agree? Why?

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Source Article

Jessica Stillman-An Early Amazon Exec Says This Is the Mindset That Helped Jeff Bezos Become the World’s Richest Man- Newsletter- July 9, 2021