The Resolute Shall Call the Shots

Great leaders uphold a vision and have the drive to see their vision succeeds.  Their vision and passion ignite a fire in others.

N R Narayana Murthy, the pioneer of Indian IT revolution is widely acclaimed for his value based leadership.  In a foreword to a recently published book ‘Startup Compass” the veteran leader lists out the nine step formula which saw his team on high gear all through.

The Nine Steps

  • Company: Put the company first; other elements can wait.
  • Inspiration: Failure is the opportunity to be inspired, introspect and improve.
  • Emotions: Emotions have no place in corporate decisions. Abandon a project if it isn’t feasible.
  • Luck: Who says luck doesn’t help? Everything being equal, why some succeed and others fail?
  • Market: Market is the best place to test efficacy. Benching mark with the best always.
  • Leadership: Go for leadership by example. Practicing the percept makes one trustworthy.
  • Life: Professional and personal life are different; do not ever mix them.
  • Control: Ultimate decision should rest with the leader. Firms cannot be run by committees.
  • Values: Company should be founded on sound value system.

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Discussion Question        

Leaders must consider various ideas. But for every major decision, the buck must stop at their table. Agree? Why?

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Source Article Nikhil Agarwal- Narayana Murthy shares 9 lessons- The Economic Times- Jul 13, 2022