The Pentagon of Persuasion

“Without icing, any great cake is just a bread” so goes a popular saying in the chefs’ parlance. It is the icing, not the cake, which catches the glimpse and tempts you to buy. In business scenario too, wonderful ideas turn out, but eventually it is the ability to persuade others that excites. To be on the victory stand, you need to convince others to buy your product or idea.

Getting Persuasive

Many business leaders like Steve Jobs are gifted at constantly persuading the audience to follow them on their journey to success. These leaders keep a tab on the following five basics:-

  • Credibility: Rather than the logic, people look at your credibility. Credibility stems from honesty.
  • Listening: Listening sends the message that you value the other side. This is helps to be persuasive.
  • Effectiveness: Effective communication is precise and brief. Dense argument gets easily dropped off.
  • Storifyication: Narratives are easily assimilated than blunt statements. Personal stories add to credibility.
  • Confidence: People believe someone who speaks with authority. Anxiety and fumbling are strict no-no.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Story telling is a good way to persuade. Narrate an example from own experience.

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Source Article By Aytekin Tank-Why Being Persuasive Is More Important…- Entrepreneur- June 30, 2020