That Moment Will Never Be ………

In marketing, every situation translates into traction. Thus even as you enjoy a trending moment, a brand subtly squeezes into it, weaves a story around and show cases it to a marketing flash. Simply put, this is moment marketing.

All in the Moment

Moment is the key in moment marketing.  The moment lost is the opening lost. It is true for digital (E.g. Jewelry ads) or conventional (E.g. Amul hoardings) mediums.  Here’s how this ad genre works:

  • Timing is Everything: Timing enhances visibility and improves brand recall. Amul’s recent ad on the multi-lingual hit movie ‘Pushpa’ is an example. The ad’s timing has been so perfect that it has gone viral.
  • Keep it Relevant and Relatable: When the renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo moved aside a branded beverage bottle in public, it became a relevant moment marketing theme.
  • A Clever Content Scores: Puns and wits catch attention. Amul uses a cute tagline “PushPack the slice” & “Have some Amullu, Arjun!”(Allu Arjun is the hero of the movie) in its ‘Pushpa’ ad clip.


Moment marketing enables deeper connections at low cost. But its indiscreet use could backfire. The recent controversy on the unauthorised use of P.V. Sindhu’s (badminton champion) pictures in moment marketing after her Olympic triumph is a case in point.

Learners’ Opportunity     

Right strategy at the right time is the key for successful marketing campaigns.  For more details check our program @       

Discussion Question        

Do you agree that failure rates are high in moment marketing inserts than conventional ads? Why?

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Source Article ET-Brand Equity-Importance of moment marketing – ‘Take a moment’-January 22, 2022