Tame it, Kill Not!!

Banning politics in entities is a trending topic worldwide.  We all have read ‘wrong’ political affiliation played the spoilsport on the career ambition of an IPS officer recently. If politics can enter the uniformed services, who on the earth can limit its access to other entities?

In the current fraught political environment, banning politics in business houses is easier said than done. Wise leaders are now exploring how to live with the ‘devil’ i.e. making politics more conducive for everyone.

The Dangers

  • Severity of Situation: Ideological differences lead to severity of situation.
  • Un-desirable outcomes:  There would be quarrels, name calling and other ugly scenes.
  • Attrition:  Attrition due to political difference stands at 10 to 25 percent.
  • Psychological Impact: Political isolation make the employees introverts and absentees.
  • Fear of Discrimination:  In career advancement.

Prevention is the Best Cure

Though discussions turning political cannot be avoided, fixing some ground rules can make them more agreeable and less acrimonious.  Participants may be encouraged to listen the other side and empathetic. Disagreement, if any, should be done respectfully.

C-A-P-E-S for Leaders

Leaders can be coordinators of discourses to get better outcomes. Here are the CAPES rules: 

  1. Create:  Ideologically diverse management group.
  2. Avoid: Political bias in decisions.
  3. Provide: Constructive political environment for employees.
  4. Encourage: Bipartisan cooperation.
  5. Set: Limits on political discussions at work.
  • Learners’ Opportunity     

Managing politics in work place requires skills and patience .For more details check our program @https://online.ifheindia.org/

  • Discussion Question        

“Politics is a menace that is eating deep into major organisations nowadays.” Agree? Why?

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  •  Source Article

Lemaro Thompson-Politics in the Workplace: How Can Managers Keep the Peace? – MIT Sloan Management Review-March 28, 2022