Relax, Check Your Confidence

The benefits of confidence are endless. Confidence causes relaxation. A confident you aren’t anxious or fearful. How do we gauge a person’s confidence level? Body language is the first thing. There are 10 more pointers too. Here are they:-

  • Wait: Time and tide wait for none. Then whose validation you are you waiting for?
  • Gossip: Gossip? Surely not for me. It’s distorted truth.
  • Negative self-talk: Ever come across a lion, who wails “I cannot”; it only roars, “I am capable.”
  • Fixate: Why to fixate on others, when you believe in yourself?
  • Compare: No two individuals are alike. Others failures may be your success.
  • Wonder: Live the moment. Don’t ever wonder if it is the best. For, tomorrow could be worse.
  • Worry: Cross the bridge when you get there. Worry only helps you die many times!
  • Justify: Justify? No time, you have to push forward.
  • Self-pity: Lions never self-pity against elephants. They’re better at many other things.
  • Waste: Don’t cry over the spilled milk (and waste time). Whatever happens, happens for the good.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

 “Confident people succeed because they use their time and energy wisely.” Do you agree? Why?

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Source Article Lachlan Brown – 10 things confident people don’t waste their time on –HackSprit-February 13, 2022