Perfection Comes in Threes

Omne trium perfectum i.e. everything that comes in threes is perfect. The perfection of three has its take in management too. How?

The Connector is Better

According to experts, managers are of four types:

  • Teacher: Good at institutional knowledge. Low at innovation and creativity. Unwilling to deviate from their own outlook.
  • Always On: Good at team coaching. Low at team engagement. Assert that they know the best of everything.  
  • Cheerleader: Good at delegation. Low at team development. Stand for learn-by-doing. This causes stress and burn out for the team.  
  • Connectors:  Good at team efforts and development.  Better among all the four categories.  

The Three Way Connection

Connector managers encourage three important connections for their team:-

  • Manager Connection: Enables better understanding of the employees their motivational factors, interests, and goals.   
  • Team Connection: Team networking helps the employees to feel respected and makes them comfortable to share the individual skills with one another.
  • Organization Connection: Connecting with other leaders in the organization helps the employees to learn the skills of the other teams.  

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Employee productivity starts with good management. Can you suggest an example from your own experience?

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