Operations Too Has Its Day!!

Ask a talent agent to name the plum post in the corporate word. The answer, invariable would be sales and marketing. The top reason, they point out, is that sales and marketing fast track the career climb-up. But a recent Times of India sponsored study projects a different picture.  The study reveals that 34% of the first-time CEO’s of leading firms come from operations. Incredible, but true.  Sales function takes a distant second with 28%. Moral of the study:  In the race of a meaningful career progress, no function is a permanent winner (or loser)

Why Operations is Churning More CEO’s?

This can attributed to the changing trend in the need cycle. Business are shifting the focus from the revenue model to service model, thanks to the pandemic induced distress. Corporates learnt that they cannot survive just by huddling against the revenue. More than ever, managing the internal stake holders has gained prominence. Able supply chain comes next. This being the scenario, who else, other than an operations expert, can lead a corporate through the trail of success?

Advantage Operations

The strong points that make an operations expert stand chance to the top post are:

  • Strong Internals.
  • Exposure to other functional areas.
  • Analytical mind set (opposed to the aggressive one)
  • Prudent in processes.
  • Tuned to hybrid (brick-and-mortar and digital) business models.

Learners’ Opportunity     

Operations management involves planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling all the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and services. For more details check our program @https://online.ifheindia.org/

Discussion Question        

In a battle of supremacy by sales vs operations which side would you support? Why?

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Source Article Namrata Singh-Most first-time CEOs come from operations-Times of India-Apr 25, 2022