On The Front Foot, For a Ton

In cricket, front foot is a scoring position. Businesses too adopt front foot strategies to beat the competition. (Late) Steve Jobs is remembered as the great strategist who took Apple to heights.  He shared a unique insider’s tips, do’s and don’ts that can script business success:

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Right Focus: Focus not just on what you can; but also what you can’t but others can.
  • Smart Innovation: Innovation is not about multi-tasking. Innovate one big task at a time and wait and watch for the next. 


  • Centralization (non-delegation): Centralization fails success, whereas delegation boosts productivity.  Hire smart people, step back and let them work.
  • Distraction: Technology has many ‘distractions.’ if you are lured, you get sucked into trivial things. When your work needs sharp focus, keep your smart phones in airplane mode.
  • Hard Targets: “Doable targets are boon, others are bane.” Chasing an unrealistic target throws your rhythm off.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

What should be the right choice, technology managing humans or humans managing technology? Why?

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Source Article Marcel Schwantes – Steve Jobs’s Advice on Productivity Is Brilliant-Inc. Newsletter-February2022