Nero Can’t Fiddle Anymore

Emperor Nero fiddled, when Rome burned and became the example of infamous and ineffectual leader ever. Changes in corporates happen like wild fire; shin down when they’re most unexpected. Nevertheless the leaders can’t no more afford to sit and fiddle.  Evading the post change transformations is inimical to both the entities and the leaders.   

The Strategy of Change

How to develop effective strategy to cope with the constant change? Here’re a few practical insights:-

  • Anticipate the changes as they are inevitable.
  • Recognize the issue before it becomes an emergency.
  • Identify the changes which boost competitiveness.
  • Hone the skills to navigate through the change.
  • Adjust the approach to suit the context and challenge.
  • Establish the mindset so that the entire team is prepared for the eventuality.
  • Communicate to activate the change among the broader population of employees.

Action Plan

Adapting to the change is vital for the survival and success of the organisation. This can be achieved in three ways:

  • Enhancing the magnitude to float with the change.
  • Reimagining the activities wherever necessary.
  • Shifting direction altogether.


In the corporate parlance change also means dividing / combining business functions, and often involves moving people into new teams or departments. Such change is successful only if there is understanding and real compassion for the conflict that individuals would be experiencing.

Learners’ Opportunity     

Change provokes anxiety. A real leader is the one who helps to douse the ‘fire’ within self and others. For more details check our program @

Discussion Question        

From your experience, can you suggest three methods to motivate the employees when change / restructuring occurs?

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Source Article Tom Hunsaker and Jonathan Knowles -Leading Change Means Changing How You Lead- MIT Sloan Management Review-March 28, 2022