Needed Just an Apple Slice……..!!

We all need a full apple to keep the doctor at bay. Right? But for Steve Jobs the former Apple boss, all that needed was just a slice of the Apple to make the things straight. 

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 the company was in distress. The product glut was the main concern. He realized that 30 % of Apple’s products was incredibly good and working exclusively on these items could bring Apple back to track. His mission succeeded. Apple’s 30% model serves (even today) as an example for other businesses to emulate. 

30 % Model Decoded

  • Fear of Missing out Leads to Glut: Fear of missing out is scary in competition. Hence companies try to do many things in sync. 
  • Work with the Best of Best: No one can master everything. If attempted, there can’t be perfection.  The way out is to work with the best of best. 
  • Shrinking of Tasks May be Painful: Pruning the tasks or products could be tough at times. It may mean losing opportunities or even discarding pet projects. But end justifies the means and the path of success has turns and curves. 

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Would you opt for shrinking your product line at the cost of losing the customer base? Why? 

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