High Fives for Great Work

Engagement and great work are the two key words in the HR lexicon. Engaged employees are task masters, but reluctant to explore beyond their expertise. Great workers are those who take the stride ahead to take up further tasks. Irrespective of these two work cultures, employees are classified into five archetypes, viz. socializers, builders, achievers, coasters and taskers. Level of contribution towards engagement and great work varies for each of these categories

Characteristics of Five Archetypes

Contribution Level (%) of Each Archetype for Engagement and Good Work


The above classification is not a pointer for the overall efficiency of any individual, but only helps to understand the personas of the employees. The right approach is to consider strengths and shortcomings of each archetype and take everyone along.

Learners’ Opportunity  

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Discussion Question        

Do you think motivation can pick up more good work from employees? Why?

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