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Influence is developing a strong emotional connection with the other side in an effort to gain a desired action. Influencing a person with whom you have strong rapport is always easier. Hence building trust and interpersonal connection form the basic lesson for an influencer. Here are the 4 C’s of influencing:-

Care: Care for others’ views. Become an active listener rather than a transmitter.

Commit: Commit to your team. Show others that you are committed to them on a group and individual level.

Cherish: Cherish the good work or critical role of the team members. A word of praise at the end of a tough task make the motivation easier.

Communicate: Be consistent with your communication. Put aside your bias and encourage others to speak out.


Rapport does not mean you should become everyone’s friend. As a manager, to be liked is to be concerned, engaged, and empathetic to your team’s needs — as their leader, not as their friend.

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Learning how to give your team members praise and recognition is crucial to be a good team player. For more details check our program @

Discussion Question        

Familiarity breeds contempt? Does this hold true for leaders and team? Why?

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