Engagement’s Loss is Great Work’s Gain

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Work scenario is not an exception.  Work habits and equations are evolving. Changing time calls for changing skill sets. Now, a mere engagement in work won’t get you going any more. To be in the reckoning, you need to change and look to working great.

Engagement & Great Work

  • Engagement: Engagement is the level of enthusiasm a worker sustains while performing a given task. Engaged employees are performing and productive. But they do not explore beyond the expertise they possess.  
  • Great Work: Working great involves aligning with the company’s overall goals. It is exceptional, innovative, and ground-breaking. Such employees are open to reskilling and upskilling.

Engagement Vs. Great Work

EngagementGreat Work
Tasked to fulfil the given taskOpen to grow and adapt.
Level of engagement could decline after certain point.Constant motivation, upskilling and reskilling help to keep the interest alive.
Gauging effectiveness based on engagement can be flawed and misleading.Great work can set standards (e.g. milestone moments) to measure effectiveness.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Reskilling and upskilling and two important HR functions. Are these areas turning more relevant lately? Why?

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Source Article

Gary Beckstrand- Employee Engagement is Out…..Fast Company- 8th Feb 2022