Confab or Conflict, It’s About Attitude.

Interpersonal dialogues often tread the thin line between a cordial conversation and unpleasant conflict. Since the response of the other side is not your making, the right remedy is to mind your own attitude.

Lack of Relational Mind Set: Conflict arises when the parties involved refuse to step back and it intensifies when they start reacting unmindful of the other side’s perspective. The outcome is agitation and frustration.

Empathy Encourages: When either side start seeing a situation from the other’s perspective, conflict gets diffused. Says a behavioural expert “Adopting an empathic stance opens the door to compassion by providing for a deeper emotional understanding of the source of conflict.”

A Pause Powers: “If nothing works, leave the situation”, says another expert. To him, a pause (“A simple, Can we discuss this later?”) buys time to control the emotions. A short walk or similar acts helps to calm down too.

Common Conflict Situations and Remedies

The Final Word

The basic idea of dialogues is to understand each other and not to win. If this is accepted a conflict doesn’t arise. If a conflict surfaces, the first aid is to make both the individuals feel they are heard, even if their points aren’t agreed. This happens when both the sides acknowledge the merit of the other side. Alongside, one needs to set aside self pride and look at the larger picture of the organisation.

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Do you think conciliation is conceding? Why

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