Check Twice Before You Mail

Winston Churchill once remarked “Perfection is the enemy of progress”. But it isn’t at least when it comes to drafting a resume. A hastily made and flawed resume could cost you a dream job. Making mistakes is human; but not correcting them is evil.

The Three Evils

“Too previous is too grievous” that is the watch word for resume writers. With high level of resume influx (approximately 50,000 a week), Google finds some quick way to eliminate and short list. It bounces all resumes that make some simple mistakes-even if it amounts to rejecting the best ones. This is a common practice among other employers too. Here are the three evils

ErrorExtent (%)Reason for RejectionSolution
Typo58 %Indicates carelessness.Having the resume proofread.
Trifling Confidentiality5 to 10%The person is considered ever non-trustworthy.Avoid mistakes like sharing the confidential information of the present employer.
Lying26%Lying and fudging (say qualification) is considered a dump offence.To be honest even if it means missing an opportunity.


A standout resume is not all about using a professional template or using the right keywords. It is also about avoiding simple mistakes that escape your attention. Hence take better care next time.

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Do you agree, simple mistakes in a resume can be overlooked, if the candidate qualifies otherwise? Why?

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