…..And the Tactics Get Going

“When going gets tough, the tough gets going”, so goes a saying. But at a personal level, it is the tactics that score over tough attitudes.

The Natural Response

The natural response, when a team mate makes a mistake, is to shout, reprimand or even punish.  These leaders believe toughness subdues the errant and cautions the rest. It relieves the stress too. But experts think otherwise. To them the right tactic (empathy)

and not toughness which pays in inter personal relations. Here’s why:

Toughness & Tactics

Toughness Tactics
Erodes loyalty, demotivates the team.Enhances Loyalty. Drives to work without fear.
Raises stress level, leads to mental shut down.Heightens employee morale.
Causes reluctance  towards challenges.(consequences phobia)Leads to initiative for challenges. ( leader supports in adversities)
Signals inefficiencyInterprets mature leadership.


Condoning a mistake does not mean the errants are let off the hook. You are telling them that there is a mistake and also give them a chance to rectify / improve. Don’t you think this act is better than the furious outbursts that destroy both sides?

Learners’ Opportunity    

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Discussion Question       

Do you think empathy creates a profound impact in team building? How?

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Source Article

Emma Seppälä- Why Compassion Is a Better Managerial Tactic than Toughness-Harvard Business Review-May 2015