In the ‘TAKEAWAY” Page, we present the key ideas to be understood from a current article that has pedagogical and practical relevance. These takeaways are crisp and snackable bytes that are sure to induce your curiosity. Link to the relevant article is provided for a detailed read. Discussion question at the end ensures the reader’s engagement with the topic

The Fourth Dimension

In science and art, the fourth dimension may be a mystery. But the fourth dimension in business management-the purpose-is a core strategy. Continue reading……

…..And the Tactics Get Going

“When going gets tough, the tough gets going”, so goes a saying. But at a personal level, it is the tactics that score over tough attitudes.Continue reading…

Boss Is Right, Not Always!!

No boss would ever want to look vulnerable before his/her team. Leaders assume that people around always look to them for direction.Continue reading…..

Confab or Conflict, It’s About Attitude

Interpersonal dialogues often tread the thin line between a cordial conversation and unpleasant conflict. Since the response of the other side is not your making, the right remedy is to mind your own attitude. Continue reading

A Friend in Need

Say, you are dressed for an occasion, the first thing you do is to rush to a full length mirror or turn to your friend beside. Why? You are curious to know how you look. The curio of ‘How Am I Doing’ is found in the business context too. Continue reading

Don’t Go Soft on Soft Skills

Soft skills are like vitamins. Acting in concert, they shore up energy to work. Continue reading…..

The Pentagon of Persuasion

. In business scenario too wonderful ideas turn out, but eventually, it is the ability to persuade others that excites. Continue reading

The Resolute Shall Call the Shots

Great leaders uphold a vision and have the drive to see their vision succeeds.  Their vision and passion ignite a fire in others. Continue reading

Nurture In To Kill?

Startups synonymize Innovation. Does the desire to be nurtured by big houses kill their innovative charge-up? Continue reading

Right Execution is Half Done

Right business execution is the key to success. Successful business leaders focus on the right execution of business strategies in order to sustain and scale up. Continue reading

For the Influencer in You!

Influencing a person with whom you have strong rapport is always easier. Hence building trust and interpersonal connection form the basic lesson for an influencer. Continue reading….

Perfection Comes in Threes

Omne trium perfectum i.e. everything that comes in threes is perfect. The perfection of three has its take in management too. How? Continue reading……..

When the Inevitable Befalls!

Upsets in the work place are inevitable. That doesn’t mean the plot is lost. The key is to bring the system back to the table fast. One ‘trick’ the enterprisers usually play is to delight and advance. Continue reading

Operations Too Has Its Day!!

The general impression is that sales and marketing functions fast track the career climb-up. But a recent Times of India sponsored study projects a different picture.  It says 34% of the first-time CEO’s of leading firms come from operations. Incredible, but true.  Continue reading…..

Nero Can’t Fiddle Anymore

Changes in corporates happen like wild fire; shin down when they’re most unexpected. Nevertheless the leaders can’t afford to sit and watch.  Evading the post change transformations is inimical to both the entities and the leaders. Continue reading…..

Tame it, Kill Not!!

Banning politics in entities is a trending topic worldwide.  In the current fraught political environment, banning politics in business houses is easier said than done. The way out is taming the ‘devil’, i.e. making politics more conducive for everyone. Continue reading……

Are You Working Hard Or Smart?

Humans focus on goals and attempts to win. But the technology constraints us to tread through the laid out lanes ignoring the sideways. This is more harmful. Continue reading……  

When Aggressive Confronts, the Silent Scoops

Negotiation often runs to an open outcry with shouting and gesturing ensuing. This can’t be faulted too, as the level feeling here is to win. But did you know that “reverse engineering” works towards a better outcome. Continue reading….

Emotions Holding You Back? Turn to Family

Rafael Nadal, the 21-time Grand Slam champion in tennis says it is his family who helps instil right values and emotions in his professional life. This could be a pointer to other professionals too. Continue reading…

The Panchsheel for Business Success

How often do we wish we could get a proven formula that took us through success? Business included. Then, look at these five point formula which Jeff Bezos used to script success stories. Continue reading….

Influence Has a Shiny Secret

The whole point of any skill is its impact; i.e. how best it catalyses the success. One of the most driving skills that humans possess is the power to influence. Psychologists say all humans are born influencers. Then what makes many of us shed this talent in the midway? Compulsions? Or Complacency? Continue reading……

What’s Hot in Supply Chain?

If you are the one who sifts the crises to discover the brighter sides, supply chain could prove hot for you. The COVID crisis and the later upshots have created incredulous opportunities in supply chain front, thanks to the people’s obsession for digital and home deliveries. Continue reading….

Relax, Check Your Confidence

The benefits of confidence are endless. Confidence causes relaxation. A confident you aren’t anxious or fearful. How do we gauge a person’s confidence level? Body language is the first thing. There are 10 more pointers too.Continue reading…..,

On The Front Foot, For a Ton

In cricket, front foot is a scoring position. Businesses too adopt front foot strategies to beat the competition. (Late) Steve Jobs is remembered as the great strategist who took Apple to heights.  He shared a unique insider’s tips, do’s and don’ts that can script business success. Continue reading….

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Navigating through the digital era is often likened to racing a F1 car. In both, having the know-how isn’t just sufficient.  Sans the how-to, you can’t steer and lap. Continue reading…..

It’s No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

“A good way to avoid mistakes is to avoid mistakes” so goes a saying in the business parlance. This is true for every step of the way; more so while drafting the resume. Remember, resume lost is opportunity lost. It’s no use crying over it. Continue reading….

To Scale is Hard, To Stay Put is Harder

Even as getting there seemed to be a hard, Jeff Bezos consistently remained No.1.  Thanks to his yearning for bias for action. Continue Reading…

Tone Your Mind, the Business Will Follow

Quick recovery from difficulties leads a venture to success. But how it would be, if the crisis doesn’t happen at all? Continue reading…..

Of Setbacks and Comebacks

“Setback facilitates a comeback”, so goes a saying. A setback knocks you down. But winner is the one who rises and runs. Continue Reading…

That Moment Will Never Be ………

In marketing, every situation translates into traction. Thus even as you enjoy a trending moment, a brand subtly squeezes into it, weaves a story around and show cases it to a marketing flash. Simply put, this is moment marketing. Continue Reading….

Needed Just an Apple Slice……..!!

We all need a full apple to keep the doctor at bay. Right? But for Steve Jobs the former Apple boss, all that needed was just a slice of the Apple to make the things straight. Continue reading……

Check Twice Before You Mail

Winston Churchill once remarked “Perfection is the enemy of progress”. But it isn’t at least when it comes to drafting a resume. A hastily made and flawed resume could cost you a dream job. Making mistakes is human; but not correcting them is evil. Continue reading……

Deep rivers move in silence

Wonder why smart people remain silent or seem unsure during conversations? Because smart as they are, they’re open to new ideas and information. Fresh thinking occurs only when others are allowed to talk. Continue Reading…..

High Fives for Great Work

Engagement and great work are the two key words in the HR lexicon. Engaged employees are task masters, but reluctant to explore beyond their expertise. Great workers are those who take the stride ahead to take up further tasks. Continue reading…..

Engagement’s Loss is Great Work’s Gain

“There is nothing permanent except change.” Work scenario is not an exception.  Work habits and equations are evolving. Changing time calls for changing skill sets. Continue reading…..