Video Social Commerce is the Emerging Trend in E-commerce

Video Social Commerce (VSC) is a growing trend in marketing that integrates video content with e-commerce.

Video (Display) Marketing vs. Video Social Commerce

In the normal video or display marketing including banner ads, the products are featured in video content with a link that leads the customers to a different site where the featured products can be purchased. In contrary, VSC is an integrated video content with an e-commerce link that does not redirect viewers/customers to another platform/marketplace to purchase the featured products, instead, it acts as a marketplace where the viewers can shop in the same app.

Video Social Commerce, the Players

  • Though VSC is at the early stages in India, many big firms like Flipkart, L’Oreal, Meesho, Myntra, Nykaa, 1mg, Zomato have already started investing in it.  They either own VSC platforms, or tie-up with platforms like BulBul, SimSim, Trell, etc.
  • L’Oreal, the leading cosmetic brand, has tied up the VSC platform, Trell.  L’Oreal products are demonstrated in videos integrated with a link that allows the viewers to buy the products outright. Videos in local language have enabled  L’Oreal  penetrate Tier II and Tier III towns and villages
  • Nykaa, the online fashion and beauty store has built its own VSC platform with a broad network of content creators.


With the rapid increase in the popularity of social media networks, new trends in social commerce would keep emerging. Social commerce platform provides the supplier a wider reach with relatively less expense. For the audience it provides a trusted environment and a personalised shopping experience.


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Discussion Question

Do you think that VSC resolves a major disadvantage of online shopping that the customer doesn’t get a detailed view of the product before it is purchased? Why?

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