The Dark Ads are on the Rise

The term “Dark ads’ denote the online posts that appear only on the feeds of the targeted users. For instance, with the help of automated systems Facebook targets specific users for advertisements. The online advertisements can be tailored to individuals based on the demographic characteristics like age, income, gender, political affiliation and more. The concern arises when such posts are used for unprincipled purposes.

Characteristics of Dark Ads

  • Dark ads are visible only to the targeted user.
  • They are hard to be tracked (displayed a few times and disappear).
  • User doesn’t know that the ads are selective.

The Danger

  • Dark ads lack public accountability.
  • Not open to scrutiny by authorities for propriety.
  • The data provided by the online media are not comprehensive.
  • These advertisements are not archived for later scrutiny.
  • Open to murky business practices.

The Fix

  • Social Media ads for targeted users should not be used for predatory purposes.
  • Online media has to be transparent and open for public scrutiny.

Learners’ Opportunity

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Discussion Question

Do you think online media are more vulnerable for circulation of misinformation? Why?

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Source Article ET Brand Equity. October 3,2021 The rise of ‘dark ads’