Leadership Mistakes Incite Top Talent Turnover

“Employees don’t leave jobs- they leave their bosses. “Mistakes done by leadership precipitate talent drain in companies. In a recently published article Elle Kaplan, CEO, Lexion Capital Management, an American asset management company,1identifies eight common leadership missteps which eventually provoke talent drain. Following are the highlights:-

  • Burning out the Best:Top performers are always exploited. This amounts to punishing the good work.
  • All Work and No “Play”: Busy bees are made to stretch. But overstretching is frustrating.
  • Micromanaging:An ideal boss hires talents and gets out of their way. Micromanaging kills initiative.
  • Ignoring the Self-esteem:Self-esteem is a motivator. Unheeding to this dispirits the employees.
  • Ignoring Employee Development: Employees look for professional development.Not paying attention tothis leads to decreased staff morale.
  • Encouraging Gossips: Gossip brings in momentary excitement; but it kills the real perspective and cultivates hostilities.
  • Discouraging Passion-Pursuits: Pursuing passions makes the employees focused and resilient.
  • Lack of Empathy:Every employee faces difficulty. Efforts to be compassionate and caring rejuvenates them.


People with different aspirations and expertise converge at work place. Employers need to give employees the required space to become their best selves. This not only is a great work perk, but also adds to productivity. High staff turnover is after all costly, in more ways than one.

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Discussion Question

“More passionate you are about your job, the greater the chance you’ll be exploited.” Do you agree? Why?

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Source Article Elle Kaplan-8 Reasons Why Exceptional Employees Quit Their Jobs-Inc.Newsletters, October