Hooked to Pun? You are “Trapped”!!!

Puns are addictives. Once hooked; you crave for more. The marketers sense this. When Zomato popped the Bollywood hit “Tu cheese badi hai mast” into the home screen of mobile devices, the world woke up to a ‘trapping” digital marketing tool. Push messages are trending these days.

What are Push Messages?

Simply, pop ups flashed on a mobile device’s home screen, even when it is logged out.


Though typically a moment marketing tool, push messages also have other uses like reminders (e.g. vehicle servicing) and product updates.


According to a study, push messages overlay other marketing channels like e-mails, ads, banners and panels, as they candidly grab viewers’ attention (e.g. banks’ salary day splurge reminder)

Essentials (4 C’s)

To be effective, push messages have to be:

  • Concise (e.g. ten or fewer words get the maximum clicks).
  • Catchy (e.g. pun).
  • Customized (e.g. greetings).
  • Connected to hot topics (e.g. T20 World Cup).


  • Limitation in number of notifications (e.g. a clutter irks the customer) and number of words.
  • Need to be continual (when people expect a flow of messages, a break kills the utility)


Push messages display creative genius and wordplay mastery. Though some marketers dispute their worth for sale close, the intangible effects (e.g. brand awareness) of push messages are widely acknowledged.

Learners’ Opportunity           

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Discussion Question        

Repeated use of themes by brands makes the messages repulsive (e.g. T20 World Cup) Can you think of a couple of unused themes for your next push messages?

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Source Article Disha Sharma, “For Zomato to Dunzo, and from the witty to weird, why notifications are a serious business, ET Prime November 15,2021