High Energy In-take Units in India May Go Green Hydrogen Way

Energy Mix

Hydrogen as a source of energy has many advantages:

  • Reduced emission.
  • Grid-scale storage.
  • Perfect fuel for a wide range.
  • (Aviation to automobiles -shipping to manufacturing)


Hydrogen is assigned different shades, based on the sourcing:

  • Green: Produced by splitting water using electricity powered electrolysers.
  • Grey: Sourced from natural gas.
  • Brown: Made from coal or petroleum coke.
  • Blue: Manufactured from carbon capture and storage (carbon dioxide emissions)
  • White: Generated from biomass and plastics.


What are the deterring factors for adopting Hydrogen fuel?

  • High capital cost for hydrogen making units (electrolysers) presently $800 per kilowatt.
  • Social resistance due to fear water scarcity and pollution.

Advantage India

With its abundant renewable energy resources (solar and wind) India has an edge in hydrogen production. How hydrogen is advantageous to India?

  • Cut in energy (crude oil) bill. Spent $101 billion on crude oil.
  • Improvement in air quality.
  • Wide range of interested firms both in public and private sector.  
  • Can be used in fuel cells (industries) and internal combustion (railways and vehicles).

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Source: https://www.livemint.com/industry/energy/hydrogen-usage-can-be-a-game-changer-for-india-11614096149270.html

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