Habits can be Career Derailers too

We have heard of habits that affect your health and inner peace. Some of such dysfunctional habits impact your career prospects too! The earlier you break these habits, the better you shape up your future. Here’rea few examples:-

  Conflict AvoidanceOstensive behaviour to avoid fear or insecurity.Counselling, training and getting into comfortable tasks.
ImpulsivenessCreates unpredictable responses like anger. Affects relationship and acceptability.  Learn from experience. Practice mind control techniques.
  Blame-Shifting  Stems from poor problem solving skills. Issues are exaggerated and blames get shifted.Enabling you with problem solving skills. Identify your failures and constraints and work to overcome them.
Insisting on ControlMakes a person rigid, micromanaging and disengaged. Kills the initiative of the team members.  Empower the team and loosen controls. Look to supervise the team and not to control them.
Perfectionism  Excessive perfectionism denies opportunities and fails deadlines.Focus on realistic standards. Observe other’s standards and try to match.
Power hungerTends to take snap decisions to win over the superiors and lack of accountability may lead to ire of others. Make commitments only for doables. Delegate the work based on expertise. Initiate periodic evaluation. 

Learners’ Opportunity

Old habits die hard, so goes a saying. Though habits cannot be changed completely, fine tuning helps, to inspire leadership and relationship. For more insights, check our program @https://online.ifheindia.org/

Discussion Question

Do you identify yourself in any of these examples? How do you propose to get rid of it?

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Source Article Harvard Business Review-Jan. 23, 2020-6 Habits That Hurt Your Career- How to Overcome Them