Grandfluencers are taking up a Notch in Social Media Marketing

Home confinement during the peak pandemic and after gives people the chance to try out new things on the social media.  This, perhaps, supports the reason for the emerging trend of grandfluencersthese days.  Grandfluencers are senior citizens who have large number of social media following. Many are engaged for paid endorsement too by the brands on the social media. For instance, 75 year old Joan MacDonald from the US, with her bodybuilder’s physique and 1.4 million followers on Instagram endorses the global fitness supplies brand, Women’s Best.

The Fine Points

  • The age of these influencers ranges from 60 plus to 90 plus.
  • Grandfluencersare bothaspirational and inspirational.
  • The topics varies from beauty to fitness, cookery to travel and adventure to counselling.
  • A good numbers of their fans include young enthusiasts.

Why Grandfluencers

  • 8.5 percent of people worldwide are aged 65 and over.A ‘peer’ understands their mindset better.
  • Endorsement by the grandfluencers are looked up as more authentic.
  • Elderly influencers build trusting relationship with their followers.
  • They encourage their audiences to celebrate their differences.


The success of the grandfluencers’ endorsement lies in their tone which reminds one of the grandma’s tips that gives a nostalgic angle. These elders do not take the matters too seriously and behaves like the kind of person who would welcome you into their homes.


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Discussion Question

Do you think influencer marketing is always ethical? Why?

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