Drones? Don’t Panic, They’re on a Benign Mission

Next time when you find a drone hovering above you, don’t play-act a sci-fi movie and pull it down. This drone might be on a cosy mission carrying your ordered food packet. Yes! India is creating drone corridors for logistics and more. Here are the highlights:

The Scenario

  • The liberalised Drone Rules 2021 is expected to transform many core sectors like logistics, agriculture and emergency response, in addition to surveillance and defence. 
  • Rattan India Enterprises Ltd has already made investment in urban drone logistics platform Matternet. Transport Corporation of India is piloting drone in logistics. Many other companies like Zen Technologies, DCM Shriram, Zomato and Swiggy and various state governments are waiting in the wings. 
  • Liberalised rules have easy to follow procedures that would encourage startups to venture into drone ecosystem.


  • Drone ecosystem offers cost- effective solutions.
  • Drone delivery is expected to save time and cost for logistics.
  • Drones ensure effective reach across the population dense urban clusters and infrastructure deficient rural areas.


Liberalisation of the Drone usage is all to the good. However sensible use of technology is must for the initiative to sustain. As citizens, we need to ensure that Indian skies remain safe as the drones technology evolves. Even a minor misadventure can throw a spanner in the works. 

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Discussion Question        

You are managing a large show room. You are free to use drones within the shop floor. Suggest three methods you would opt for efficient handling of the situation.                     

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