Digital Ads Hold Sway; But Print is Still Around

It’s Digital All the Way                                                                                                                        

Technology has changed the complexion of the world.  At the click of a button, you get the information and specifics. Marketers were the first to grab this opportunity and that stemmed into the build-up of digital media advertising. Digital advertising leverages online channels like social media, email and mobile aps for promoting products and services. Some of the pluses of digital advertising are:-

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  • Reach: Can capture the audience on the go, wherever they are. 
  • Interactiveness: Enables instant feedback.
  • Customization:  Can target specific audience (e.g., demographic, gender) 
  • Flexibility: Can be corrected, or wholly redesigned at any point in time.

Print is Important                                                                                                                                          

Print medium is physical and tangible. (1)This emotional angle makes the print media to ride out the ‘Digital onslaught’. The fact that the share of advertising spends of print media is 20% in 2020(2) makes one to conclude that the print is still in the reckoning. Now let’s examine the factors that favour print:-

  • Captivating: Print media ads can assume sizes and shapes (e.g., full page ad and solus ad)
  • Credibility: Print media enjoys credibility. The information in print is trusted. 
  • Informative: Print gives extended information, which is vital for decision making for costly purchases. 
  • Higher recall rate: Ad recall rate is 77% for print media (against 46% for digital)(3)

Final Thoughts                                                                                                                                                         

Years ago when customers started surfing websites, many predicted the end of print. Then they started checking Instagram and following tweets, but print is still alive. Print remains strong, but digital is resilient. A wise choice would be the right mix of both.  


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Supposing that you are planning to purchase new furniture for home. How will you check its features, digitally or in print?Why?