Compromising on Fonts? No Way!!

Resume is your first point of contact with a potential employer, so the first impression has to be strong. Font of a resume is likened to the fit of the suit. The right choice smartens up the look in both.  According to a study, the average initial screening time for a candidate’s resume is slightly above seven seconds and a smart font helps grab the recruiters’ quick attention.

Selection of Fonts

The font used should be recognized across the systems. Unique or unusual fonts may add variety, but may not work well in other systems. Other factors that go into the font selection are:-

  • Professionalism
  • Design
  • Spacing
  • Readability

Font Types

The seven favourite font picks as reported by a CNBC article are:

Font Size

Smart fonts enhance the readability. Very small fonts result in difficult reading. If it is too large, the resume looks bulky and gives an impression that the facts are inflated. Font size can be adjusted to highlight some points or to make it fit into the page length. Here are some size tips:

  • Name at the top: 18 to 24 points
  • Headings: 12 to 16 points
  • Body: 10 to 12 points


Experience and skills decide the selection. But the smart fonts gain your resume the required attention.

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The biggest challenge of screening resumes by far is volume. Can you visualize any solution for this volume problem, other than automation?

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