Boost is the Secret of Cricketers’ Energy. What is it for Business?

“Boost the secret of our energy” so goes the slogan of a popular TV commercial. Any guess on what contributes the business’s energy? Namit Bajoria’s story tells it is the smart pivot.

Starting off in 1994, with just about rupees one lakh in hand, Bajoria now owns a brand that generates a revenue of Rs.300 crores annually. Business pivot worked wonders for him!!

The Trail

Doing business was following the family’s foot prints for Bajoria.  But what made him different was his flair for business pivot. Let’s look at the trail through years:

  • 1994: Photocopying agency.
  • 1999: Vacuum cleaning business.
  • 2000: Kitchen chimneys
  • 2003: All-in-one modular kitchen solutions.

Bajoria’s Lessons

Pivot PromptsBajoria’s Take
Changes in Market TrendShut down photocopying business.
Fall in ProfitabilityClosed down vacuum cleaner business.
Market OpportunityStarted kitchen chimney business as there was opportunity
for chimneys that went with greasy smoke of India cooking
Consumer DemandChimneys with auto cleaning filters were introduced.
Social CauseShifted from import model to make in India to suit
Atmanirbhar initiative.
Consumer ConvenienceProposed all- in-one modular kitchen solutions that integrated
all the required kitchen appliances

Learners’ Opportunity

A pivot is altering the direction of a business to make it more market oriented. To get more insights on business strategies, check our program @

Discussion Question

Is pivoting an effective strategy for new direction a last-ditch effort for survival?  Why?

Key Words


Source Article Palak Agarwal- This Kolkata entrepreneur built a Rs 300 Cr kitchen solutions business from a Rs 1 lakh investment, SMB Story-October 13,2021