Did You Know?

“Knowing is half the battle”, so goes a saying. A students and professionals who stay current with the trends, opportunities and challenges are those who script success stories. “Did You Know” segment is an attempt to provide sensible insights to the recent happenings that have bearing on the relevant curriculum.

High Energy In-take Units in India May Go Green Hydrogen Way

Energy Mix Hydrogen as a source of energy has many advantages: Reduced emission. Grid-scale storage. Perfect fuel for a wide range. (Aviation to automobiles -shipping to manufacturing) Shades Hydrogen is assigned different shades, based on the sourcing: Green: Produced by splitting water using electricity powered electrolysers. Grey: Sourced from natural gas. Brown: Made from coal…continue reading

Taming the Anxiety Betters Performance

Tennis great Rafael Nadal performs a series of rituals in and off the court during a match. Places two bottles in precise positions near his feet, tucks his hair behind his ear, pulls his nose and so on. These are his anxiety taming measures.    Anxiety strikes out of nowhere. Even a little thing can….continue reading

Renault-Nissan Labour Dispute Goes Arbitration Way

In a first ever incident in the history of labour disputes in multinationals in India, the labour strife at Renault-Nissan car unit in Chennai is getting arbitrated. This is a departure from the convention of negotiated settlement of such disputes……continue reading

Digital Ads Hold Sway; But Print is Still Around

Years ago when customers started surfing websites, many predicted the end of print. Then they started checking Instagram and following tweets, but print is still alive. Print remains strong, but digital is resilient. A wise choice would be the right mix of both…Continue Reading

Tata-BigBasket Deal Has Many Merits

BigBasket, the three decade strong e-grocer major, operates in more than 30 cities in India. Its average monthly customer orders exceeds 15 million which saw a rise of 80 per cent during 2020. It has established a viable business model as well. In spite of these pluses, the company endorsed a merger with Tata group, multi-segment heavyweight.  In May 2021, Tata Digital acquired over 64 percent stake in BigBasket.

How does this coalition benefit the brands?  And the customers?…..Continue Reading

Live Audio is The Next in Thing 

Live audio could be the future of social networking. For spoken words are more intimate and if you chat voice-only, it tends to be informal. Continue Reading….

Why is Universal Going for an IPO?

Universal Music Group (UMG), the global music brand heads for an IPO in September 2021. This follows a decision by its parent company Vivendi, the French media conglomerate, to offload 60% of its stakes in UMG….. Continue Reading

Why is Tiger Global hedge fund turning influential in Silicon Valley?

When Soft Bank does business based on gut feeling, Tiger Global is backed by a disciplined strategy centered on collecting a basket of firms in promising markets. This makes their presence more profound…. Continue Reading

Apple iPhones are Designed in California, But Assembled in China

Chinese manufacturing sector is perceived as a low-cost base by many. The popular conception is that manufacturers come to China allured by its cheap labour. But Tim Cook, Apple CEO recently narrated a different story…Continue Reading

Indian Startup Funding Scales Record High in 2021

Allaying fears of a pessimistic growth and drying up of funds, Indian startups have displayed a high growth potential during the H1 of the year 2021.  During this period, startup funding touched $10.1 billion (H1 2018: $3bn; H1 2019: $5.9bn; H1 2020:$4.2bn)…. Continue Reading

Job Postings Show Positive Uptick Despite Covid Second Wave

Despite the second wave of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the last six months (January to June 2021) recorded 6% growth in job postings across various sectors. Continue Reading

Google Ups its Imprint in India with a Second Cloud Region

Google Cloud launched its second cloud region in India, after Mumbai, in Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) on 15th July 2021.The opening of a new Google cloud region is expected to increase the resiliency of the new generation application on the cloud…..Continue Reading

Video Social Commerce is the Emerging Trend in E-commerce

With the rapid increase in the popularity of social media networks, new trends in social commerce would keep emerging. Video social commerce platform provides the supplier a wider reach with relatively less expense. For the audience it provides a trusted environment and a personalised shopping experience….Continue Reading

Grandfluencers are taking up a Notch in Social Media Marketing

Grandfluencers are senior citizens who have large number of social media following. Many are engaged for paid endorsement too by the brands on the social media. For instance, 75 year old Joan MacDonald from the US, with her bodybuilder’s physique and 1.4 million followers on Instagram endorses the global fitness supplies brand, Women’s Best….. Continue Reading

Xiaomi Drops ‘Mi’ Branding to Close the Perception Gap

After over a decade of its launch, Xiaomi, the smartphone major has replaced its ‘Mi’ logo with ‘Xiaomi’logo on September 2021…….Continue Reading

The Dark Ads are on the Rise

The term “Dark ads’ denote the online posts that appear only on the feeds of the targeted users. For instance, with the help of automated systems Facebook targets specific users for advertisements…Continue reading

Winning Leaders Use Emotional Tactics to Get Round the Arguments

In the business parlance, arguments are negotiations and winning is a happy end for both the sides. Emotional intelligence gains relevance here as it is about treating others amicably and empathetically. Winning leaders practice this…Continue Reading

Habits can be Career Derailers too

We have heard of habits that affect your health and inner peace. Some of such dysfunctional habits impact your career prospects too! The earlier you break these habits, the better you shape up your future.. Continue reading

Leadership Mistakes Incite Top Talent Turnover

“Employees don’t leave jobs- they leave their bosses. “Mistakes done by leadership precipitate talent drain in companies. In a recently published article Elle Kaplan, CEO, Lexion Capital Management, an American asset management company,1identifies eight common leadership missteps which eventually provoke talent drain….Continue reading

Conversation is not Football; Questions Won’t Get You a Yellow Card

In football, players’ questioning invites the wrath of the referee. But in conversation, the story is different. Questioning while conversing takes you to the winning trail. You score on likability too (According to a Harvard study on conversational skills) Continue reading…

Boost is the Secret of Cricketers’ Energy. What is it for Business?

“Boost the secret of our energy” so goes the slogan of a popular TV commercial. Any guess on what contributes the business’s energy? Namit Bajoria’s story tells it is the smart pivot. Continue reading…

COP26: It Is Gas, Gas, Go Away………!!!

What could be unfolding in the minds of those who gather at the Glasgow climate change summit (COP26)? 1For anyone’s guess, it could be gas, gas, go away!! For, climate change is about gas emissions. Continue reading….

People Scowling at You?  Look into the Mirror

A bad tempered report / colleague is a tell-tale sign for a manager that all’s not well. The downside is your team member(s) doesn’t like the way you manage things. You need to introspect. Continue reading….

Drones? Don’t Panic, They’re on a Benign Mission

Next time when you find a drone hovering above you, don’t play-act a sci-fi movie and pull it down. This drone might be on a cosy mission carrying your ordered food packet. Yes! India is creating drone corridors for logistics and more. Continue reading…

Compromising on Fonts? No Way!!

Font of a resume is likened to the fit of the suit. The right choice smartens up the look in both. Continue reading……

Hooked to Pun? You are “Trapped”!!!

Puns are addictives. Once hooked; you crave for more. The marketers sense this. Continue reading…..