Outsourcing: The Verticals and Horizontals

Supply chain outsourcing is a commonplace these days. Outsourcing covers sourcing and logistics (verticals) as well as tactics and tools (horizontals).Considerations that go into SCM outsourcing is not cost alone, but the advanced technology and the data quality the outsourcee offers. When we do outsourcing, we have the flexibility to tap into the expertise of the best among the equals.

Benefits from outsourcing

Following are some of the benefits of outsourcing:

  • Focus on the core business and delegate non-essential tasks to outsiders.
  • Avail services of different experts.
  •  Optimize or design projects on a regular basis.
  • Utilise the external expertise in a flexible way( project basis, long-term contract or a consultants)
  • Access to a wide pool of experts and can get right people for the right job.
  • Get rid of statutory obligations like labour laws, EPF and workplace disputes.
  • Reduce the number of employees on its payroll

Key areas of outsourcing

  • IT: One of the most significant areas that people are outsourcing is IT by which organisations avoid buying a new software which becomes obsolete very often. Also achieve cybersecurity. Organisations need to have an effective marketing strategy. By opting for external marketing services, they can garner the benefits of utilizing the skills and experience of professionals.
  • Website: The purpose of a website is to convince the visitors to become the customers of the company. Websites aren’t cheap to create and require specialised expertise, so website development is another area of outsourcing followed by many. Customer service is vital for growth and sustaining business, an area very much different from the core business, so many companies opt for outsourcing it.
  • Human Resource Management: can be a very costly area to invest in when doing it in-house.
  • Legal Services: All businesses require legal services – regardless of their size. But hiring in-house is incredibly expensive and their services are not used regularly i.e. more idle period.

Emerging trends

The world of outsourcing is constantly changing. As new technologies and methods emerge, businesses have to adapt it, in order to stay competitive. Outsource the entire IT infrastructure to cloud based providers, eliminating the need for an on-premises server. This saves money and provides a host of other benefits, such as increased security and easier scalability.

Organisations are offshoring work to countries with lower labour costs like China, India which are also big markets.

Outsourcing to Specialized Providers such as marketing, accounting, legal and a wide range of IT services, from monitoring and managing networks to providing help desk support.

Outsourcing through Social Media Platforms. These platforms allow businesses to connect with freelance professionals from all over the world having specific skills that are difficult to find in-house.

Outsourcing through Consultants for developing a business plan or finding new customers.

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Discussion Question        

Does outsourcing disappoint internal talents? Why?

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