Some executives who pursue ICFAI Online MBA program, find towards the 15th week that they have not been doing their periodic assessments in the given timelines. They still wish to participate in the continuous assessment.

Providing flexibility while retaining quality is a hallmark of ICFAI Online’s approach to the online MBA program. The Online MBA Program has introduced LAST CHANCE.

What is your LAST CHANCE?

  • Post the deadline for all periodic assessments are over, LAST CHANCE allows you an opportunity to submit a written assignment on a topic which you can choose out of five topics given to you for a course.
  • The list of five topics and the guidelines are sent by the Course Coordinator.
  • You need to send in your report in the timeline prescribed.


  • You can gain upto a maximum of 18 marks, which can make a difference between an aspirational, acceptable and poor grade.
  • It builds concept- context connect which is a brand promise
  • You will gain experience in context concept connect needed for the end semester examination.
  • It steps up your confidence and preparedness for the end semester exam.

So LAST CHANCE or LOST CHANCE- make your choice.

For details Connect with us on Tel No. 08069123123 or send a mail to enrol.cdoe@ifheindia.orgcall 

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