Social Actions, Striking Results

Social Media Ads:

Hyper-targeting the audience and enabling personalized content are the forte. 

Quick, wider reach out and space for interaction are the add-ons. 

Improved user experience and craze for smaller channels (e.g. TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest) are the predictions.

Here’s a snapshot of this forceful platform……

What is Social Media?

Social media are web based platforms that allow users to interact with each other. These digital technologies permit users to create and share information with public. Anyone with access to internet can create a social media profile and share the content they like with others who view their pages or account (Team, 2022).

Impact of Social Media on Technology

Social media and technology have grown together over the last 20 years. Software developers are coding social media into their software programs. Social media is an integral part of business technology development and during its usage.

Social media communication consists of video or audio recording and drives innovation in telecommunication networks for e.g. 5G. It is a big contributor to marketing and advertising industry and changes the way marketing algorithms are developed. Algorithms use artificial intelligence to include interests and demographics mentioned on social media profiles to guide advertisers to target specific audiences. Social media also affected television marketing and promoted advertising by connecting celebrities with followers through technology. Integration of social media with website allows users to access their content in a secure way by logging into one of their social media accounts. Social media allows people to accept donations through crowdfunding from other users. Social media developers also structure I.T. systems around type of information and content they want people to see on social media, specifically for political news.

Thus social media influences communication technology, software development, artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, quick user login, crowdfunding, and information technology (Bhatla, 2020).

Overview of India’s Social Media Advertising Market
India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and an important country for social media marketers.  Over half of India’s population is online and social media marketing is an attractive option for small and big businesses (India Social Media Statistics 2022 | Most Used Top Platforms, n.d.). Biggest contribution to advertising in India is from social media (~30%) followed by paid search (25%) and online video (22%). Social media advertising industry could be worth ₹175.32 billion by the year 2025 and it is not only an entertainment platform but a fully integrated marketing platform (HTF Market Intelligence Consulting Pvt. Ltd., 2021). The latest social media trends, which can advertise brands to customers, are metaverse and influencer marketing (India Social Media Statistics 2022 | Most Used Top Platforms, 2022).

Challenges Facing Social Media Companies’
Social media is cheapest way to access and has tremendous reach without accountability of anyone and this puts India’s national security in the danger zone. Law enforcement agencies are using ‘open source intelligence’ to engage, collate analysis, predict scenarios i.e. social media intelligence (SOCMINT) to establish relationships and predict incidents (Meena, 2021).

Learners’ Opportunity     

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Discussion Question        

Is Social commerce the gen next of social media advertising? Why?

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