Course Projects for Organization Outcomes

Congratulations to Ms. Roobi Sachan for the recognition she has received from her organization, a top public sector company in India for her Course Project. This Course Project is an integrated one covering three courses in the first semester of her Online MBA Program.

Identifying problems: Management as a practice is interdisciplinary. In today’s world change management is a challenge for every organization. How do you identify the change needed? Look for best practices/emerging trends from across the sectors. For instance, if Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has started initiatives in the metaverse, is it relevant for your organization? If so how will it benefit? In which functions do the benefits lie? Where would you start? Why? What should your organization do to support you?

Taking the Lead: In every sector, leading organizations such as HUL, embark on such initiatives. In your organization who will take the initiative? Those who do are the forerunners for leadership; for corporate leadership today is defined by innovation and intrapreneurship.

What you need to do: Such initiatives call for careful study of the workplace context, environmental trends and competitive moves. These are management frameworks which come with the Online MBA program. Configuring the Course Project to define the organizational need for innovation is the task of the learner and the online MBA program. 

Get Support: The fully Online MBA program and its faculty support this personalized journey. The faculty support is to figure out the right course project and undertake it is high as Ms. Sachan will vouch for.

The Career Connect Benefit: Learners who opt for the Course Project have a high aspiration to learn from their workplace. Workplace benefits follow. There is no better way to learn than Course Projects. This is Action based Learning at work embedded in Project Based Learning. There is no better way to become noticed in your organization.

Course Projects are therefore your way to innovate your career while earning better grades. When the innovation helps the organization you get noticed for future organizational needs.

So are you enthusiastic in doing course projects? There are simple ways of doing it. Join Our Online MBA Program. Already Joined! Message your Course Coordinators and find out how to take up one.

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