Some Pointers on Inspired Productivity


Happy employees build successful organizations. They contribute to its health and profitability. Much of the employees’ happiness depends on their bosses. For the employees, relationship with the management is crucial for job satisfaction. No wonder, it causes many anxious moments in their career. A sour relationship with the management lands the workers in anxiety, ill health and absenteeism. A booming relationship, on the other hand, make their productivity graph rise. A recent global survey conducted among the call centers workers showed that just a one point rise in the happiness index, drove the profitability up by 25 percent.   

Where do the Managers Lack?

It stands to reason that Managers can make the employees’ work place happiness. But many a time, they are found to be wanting. The reasons could be: 

  • In their eagerness for quick recognition, many managers turn authoritarians. 
  • Many managers have neither the skills nor the resolve to focus on employees’ happiness. 
  • Demanding environment make the managers target-centric.
  • Absence of adequate training and scarcity of in house role models deny them the chance to learn.

What do the employees look?

  • Reasonable freedom and minimum frustration.
  • Psychological safety and absence of interpersonal fear. 
  • Empathy, compassion, respect and appreciation.

Closing Remarks

Studies point towards the empirical connect among employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability. Making the employees emotionally healthy becomes significant here.  A small step by the managers can work wonders in this context. 

Learners’ Opportunity

Effective leadership makes or breaks a company’s success. A strong leader leads by inspiration rather than by domination. This leading by example is acquired by learning and observation. ICFAI Online MBA program from IFHE provide ample opportunities in this count. Various e-Learning and flexible learning methodologies support this. Check out @

Discussion Question

Do you believe a manager can be both empathetic and authoritative? Suggest from your own experience

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