The Wonder App

With banks vying to be innovative to woo the emerging digital customer segment, the pat for ICICI Bank’s iMobile banking app is a fillip to the bank. A report by Forrester, a marquee American research firm describes iMobile app as the leader among the lot. 

iMobile screenshot

iMobile empowers the user to leverage over 270 banking services. It has both Android and iOS versions. Payment of utility bills, recharging the mobiles and DTH connections and card less withdrawals at ATM are the other popular add-ons. 

iMobile screenshot

Mera iMoble is the vernacular version of iMobile meant for rural customers. With 50% of ICICI located in rural and semi urban areas, the vernacular version is a trend setter.  The added features include agriculture advisory services, weather forecast and mandi prices.  Over 16.8 million transactions have been processed on Mera iMobile  alone in fiscal 2020.

Discussion Question

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of ICICI Bank’s mobile app with two other leading mobile banking service providers from a technology perspective.

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  1. subrahmanyam yeditha says:

    I could not do the download and comparison for two other banks. Even ICICI also I could not do. being a customer, i was not informed by them. Looks appealing

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